Is social media giant Instagram 100% images? Not quite. In this day and age, social media gurus know that you don't need to search endlessly to find what you want, it is served up on a well-polished silver monitor. You may not be a guru, but you should know what a hashtag is. Instagram takes full advantage of hashtags to help deliver images to people who are most interested in seeing them.

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Another week… Another Site Launch! We are excited to share our newest site for The New Hampshire Association for the Blind. This site created some unique challenges for both the design and development teams.

The underlying theme when designing and building this website was accessibility. Making sure the site is accessible to those with partial, or even full vision loss, required careful plannig and clear communication with our client.

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Happy Birthday, to us! Today Altos turns 11, we are taking a minute to look back and reflect on some of our history. Last year was a big year for Altos. Turning “10” brought with it a lot of changes. We completed a major project moving into our new office space at Bedford Farms. Our new offices (which many of you have been to) are a major departure from our previous space. Though moving is never easy, this place is incredible and we are very happy with our decision to undertake such a project… and very happy that it is all done!

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Mid-year marketing checkup, are you in constant contact with your customers? With effective email marketing, you could be. There’s even an email-marketing platform called Constant Contact. The weather draws people away from their computers, but that doesn’t mean they’re being drawn away from their email accounts. By taking advantage of immersive email-marketing platforms, you and your customers can develop an ongoing communicative relationship no matter where they are.

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